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Our Story

Welcome to BEN RAHIM  website!
BEN RAHIM  is the first third wave coffee shop
with an arabian twist and was of course born out of a great passion for coffee in 2015. Since October 2019 BEN RAHIM is moreover the first coffee shop worldwide that is not serving anymore sugar at all and at the same time accepts only card payment (no cash-policy). We do not only take a stand against tampering high quality coffee with sugar, we also only serve hand-brewed coffee without milk. In addition to that, our vision and mission is helping to create an environment in which professional baristas receive fair wages and therefore we do not encourage tipping at our shop. We started out small with a one-man shop, and grew onsite when overtaking our bigger space in October 2019, now working with a team of 8.

At BEN RAHIM, we emphasize arabian hospitality and celebrate making and serving great coffee and tea, as they are an important part of arabic and tunisian culture. As a coffee shop representing the third wave movement, our coffee is sourced from our partner Square Mile Coffee Roasters London, which stands for outstanding taste and quality. Our unique menu accompanying the tasty espresso and filter coffee varieties is fresh, seasonal and inspired by arabian and tunisian flavours. A big part of this unique menu is the ibrik, our flagship drink.

We are an independent coffee shop, always striving for creativity, being involved and well connected with our partners and generally in the speciality coffee industry, bringing speciality coffee forward, learning from one another and support countries of origin which are often overlooked in speciality coffee, such as Yemen.