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Baklawa A sweet and crunchy middle eastern treat, made of filo pastry and filled with precious nuts like pistachios and peanuts.

Chamia Croissant A fluffy crunchy croissant filled with silky slices of halva chamia and creamy smooth ricotta, it is a great choice for breakfast or a sweet little bite in between. 

Pastirma Croissant A fluffy croissant filled with gouda cheese, pastirma - a dried beef ham- and topped with rocket. 

Tahini Müsli The perfect way to start your day healthy is our freshly made Tahini Muesli with smooth greek yoghurt, oats, nuts and fruit. Its finished off with a swirl of tahini that makes this muesli taste so unique. 


Shakshuka is a simple yet famous dish originally from Tunisia.

Slow cooked tomatoes, onions and Peppers with a blend of spices make a delicious silky sauce in which eggs are simmered to perfection, then topped with Labneh. 

Barista Breakfast 

Barista Breakfast is a delicious meal designed to energize and keep you feeling full all morning. It contains nutrient-dense ingredients for sustained energy release and mental clarity throughout your day. Try this energizing breakfast today and fuel your morning!

Croissant with Pastirma, salad and scrambled eggs.

Champion Breakfast (baba Haj) 

Champion Breakfast's Baba Haj is made with premium ingredients for an incredibly tasty and satisfying meal. Perfect for those looking for convenient and delicious breakfast options.

Brioche with scrumbeld egg, olive oil, onion, lettuce, harissa and dukkah.


Granola is a delicious and nutritious snack that can be enjoyed any time of day. Packed with crunchy oats and nutritious ingredients, it's the perfect snack to fuel your day.

A creamy Greek yogurt, seasonal fruit and dates, finished with a splash of date syrup.