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Annual sales 2019 BEN RAHIM

Annual sales 2019 BEN RAHIM



We would like to share this chart with you of our Annual sales 2019.

As you know, from October 2019 we have started our new policies regarding no sugar, no milk with filter coffee, no cash and no tips at Ben Rahim.

From the first of October we opened our bigger space and as you can see in the chart from this month on, we made almost 3 times the turnover that we had in the small shop. 

The bottom line is: with all these new “rules” that came into effect because of our values and mission, we achieve great sales.

 How is this possible?

With the opening of the new space, we have decided to go all in and finally do what we believe. We wanted to work harder on promoting our values which actually have been evolving since 2015 when we opened our little shop. We wanted to keep our high level of quality and great customer service, as it was in the little shop, and we didn´t want to lose this identity by opening the bigger space. When we opened in 2015, it was not so much about the money. It was all about coffee. It was about transmitting our love and passion for coffee, and educating about coffee.

We started from the beginning to recommend drinking our coffee without sugar, encouraged customers to try our handbrew without milk and we convinced many of you that it was delicious that way. Now that we opened the big shop, we have finally decided to show our conviction and our own character. And luckily, most of you understand what we are doing and why. 

It is possible to successfully do business and at the same time, live your dreams and do what you believe in. 

To all our concerned customers and friends, we thank you for your massive support in this time of change, and for believing in us and our mission.

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