SIDI BOU Filter Coffee
SIDI BOU Filter Coffee

SIDI BOU Filter Coffee

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Sidi Bou is born out of the need to fill the void on the shelf that will soon be left by our beloved Yemeni coffee, Wadi Almaa.

Like its predecessor, this is a rare coffee to find. From a country where the most common is to come across washed process coffees, this natural stands out for its low acidity, its balanced body and its prolonged sweetness in the mouth. A versatile, medium-light roasted coffee that we serve as a hand filter but we are sure that it would also work well as an espresso, for all those brave people who want to explore further.

Here we leave you a little more about the history behind this tasty Peruvian coffee:
Everyone in the world knows Cusco thanks to Machu Picchu and the mysticism of its small towns and the Inca people. However, the coffee produced in this region also deserves some attention. Thanks to the climate, altitude, and rich soils of the mountain ecosystems close to the Amazon, coffee in this region is bursting with potential.
Cocachacra is the name of an area in the San Fernando community. Elderly local people say that a couple of decades ago there was a lot of coca production in the zone, and with that came many social problems. Luckily, over the years, more farmer households decided to give other crops a chance to sustain the families’ livelihoods and so many farmers considered coffee as an alternative that could give them new opportunities. However, the situation in Cocachacra wasn't easy back in those days. Due to the lack of roads, coffee growers used to need around 4 or 7 days to transport their coffee bags to sell to intermediaries. All of this made their transport costs increase, which was very discouraging in selling the coffee. It wasn’t until 2006 when the Peruvian government and the municipality built a road that helped to connect Cocachacra with other villages and bigger cities. This improved the lives of local people significantly; it increased access to public services and access to markets.

Nowadays it’s not difficult to visit Cocachacra, where people usually welcome foreigners with a warm smile and a cup of hot coffee that they grow and roast by themselves, of course. They are the same people who today, despite the difficult times they had to live, see their future with optimism, thanks partly to coffee.
This is the first year we buy Natural processed coffees and the challenges are not small in a country that has an enormous tradition in de-pulping and washing coffee, thus finding farmers and cooperatives that are willing to tackle the challenge is not easy. As our vision has always been working with ambitious individuals and organizations, we are confident in what the future holds for this relationship and our goal is to improve the quality year after year through processing and agronomy practices.

Growers who participated in this coffee lot are:
  • Cirila Ancco
  • Fabio Altamirano
  • Julian Altamirano
  • Primitivo Anco
  • Avelino Calle
  • Sinforosa Contreras    

    Tasting Notes: Hazelnut, Chocolate, Grapefruit
    La Convención
    Farm size: 
    2 hectares
    Typica, Bourbon and Limani
    1790m - 2000m
    Main Harvest period: 
    August - October
    Dried in African beds for 15 - 20 days


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