Ali Muhammad Kulaib
Ali Muhammad Kulaib
Ali Muhammad Kulaib
Ali Muhammad Kulaib

Ali Muhammad Kulaib

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Producer : Ali Hamood Kulaib
Cooperative : Al Ruwad Coop
Region : Al Hayma Al Kharijiya 
Governorate : Sana'a

Cultivar : Udaini 
Altitude : 2300 masl 
Process : Natural 

Cup profile : Black Cherry / Candy / Caramel / Floral

Al Hayma Al Kharijiya Is a well-known region in Sana'a governorate. It is home to 150 families, all of whom practice farming. 

Farmers in the region believe that coffee tree is a blessed and grow it for status. Coffee is grown on mountain terraces at some of the highest altitudes in Yemen. The high altitude and low humidity contribute in producing one of the finest coffee in the world.    

Based in Al Hayma Al Kharijiya, Al Ruwad is Yemen's largest and most established specialty coffee cooperative, serving 285 families – the equivalent of around 2000 people.

Responsible for producing some of Yemen's most exquisite specialty coffee, in 2017, Al Ruwad produced a coffee lot that achieved a cupping score of 97 on the well-known Coffee Review website – the highest score in the site's history.


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