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 This is our second espresso we bring to the table after our backyard blend and it has its own distinct taste. 

The idea behind our Halwa Shop is simple: As Halwa means "sweets", it combines sweet and characterful coffee to create a fun, wildly complex and fruit-driven espresso. It is a great gift for a coffee lover who loves unique and new flavors. This time we use single origin coffee for the Halwa Shop: Ethiopia Okoluu.

The coffee is grown by a small collection of local farmers which form part of the Sookoo Group managed by Ture Waji, who is a local expert in agronomy and permaculture. The Sookoo Group grow their coffee trees in Semi-Forest plantations allowing for shaded plantations and a rich ecosystem. Sookoo Group members also receive training and information on soil preparation, planting weeding and harvesting - the farmers are then able to command a higher price for their coffees and for this particular lot received approximately double per kg than the price for grade A cherries.


Flavour Notes: Wild Strawberry, Jasmine, Peach

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Okoluu Co-Op

Process: NATURAL

Variety: Serto 74110 / 74112 / Heirloom


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