La Perla del cafe Filter
La Perla del cafe Filter
La Perla del cafe Filter
La Perla del cafe Filter

La Perla del cafe Filter

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Flavor Notes:

Caramel / Cinnamon / Apple / Chocolate

This high quality micro lot from finca Chispita, Costa Rica have blown us away with its delicate flavours and silky texture. We are happy now to be able to share that experience with you in this special edition Micro Lot.

Carlos Barrantes's family has owned and operated the Herbazu micromill since the early 2000s, and in the early 2010s, Don Carlos decided to go off and work independently, with a laser focus on the kinds of coffees he wants to produce. He and his wife, Diana, own five small farms and La Perla Del Cafe Micromill—"micro" being the key word here. Their dedication to quality and incredibly high mean they focus on quality over quantity in all ways. They even work with the exact same group of pickers every year, a group of 45 indigenous people from Panama who travel to the farms for work every season, and with whom the Barrantes keep in touch, like family, the rest of the year.

The mill produces mostly honey and natural coffees, and Carlos likes to experiment with different varieties. He was the first producer in Costa Rica to be given SL-28. Don Carlos believes that growing nontraditional varieties, in addition to focusing on honey and natural processing, will be what allows him to differentiate La Perla's coffee from others in the region.


Origin : Costa Rica
Region : Naranjo
Farm : Finca Chispita
Varietal : SL-28
Process : Yellow Honey
Altitude : 1500 masl 


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