Kisag Kigas refill bottle 600ml
Kisag Kigas refill bottle 600ml
Kisag Kigas refill bottle 600ml

Kisag Kigas refill bottle 600ml

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Only the best energy goes into all Kisag safety gas burners: KIGAS. The Kisag gas is a clean, odorless and non-toxic liquid gas. More precisely, a high-quality mixture of butane and propane gas, which is particularly suitable for use in the hospitality industry due to its many advantages. On the one hand, the mixture is economical per operating hour, and on the other hand there is no loss through evaporation. You only pay for what is actually used. The residual gas remains in the burner and can be used again at any time.

Refilling with the KIGAS can is quick and easy - briefly explained here using the example of the Kisag safety gas burner:

First close the burner valve, then turn the burner upside down (the burner tank should be completely cool). Now press the KIGAS gas can vertically into the filling valve. The gas is filled into the tank with a hissing sound. The tank is full as soon as the gas overflows in liquid form. Finally, to be on the safe side, do a quick finger test to make sure that no gas is escaping. Finished!

With the supplied adapter, many other devices, such as camping stoves, gas lamps or Bunsen burners, can be filled in no time at all

  • Maxi Cartridge (600 ml) for the ibrik Burner
  • Suitable for all WMF (Kisag Feuerstäbe Gas) and appliances, lighters, Gas Rechaud / Burner, Creme Brulee Flammbierbrenner Laborbrenner Table cooker, and the brands, Kisag Nouvel, Spring, WMF Rösle Kela, and almost all manufacturers of lighters
  • Kisag Kigas is from a secure, clean, soot-free abbrennendes Gas, Propane, Butane Gas Filling, washed so no nozzle blockages

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