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Ben Rahim Berlin – very smart; but good pour-over

Ben Rahim Berlin – very smart; but good pour-over



n our quest to visit pour-over places wherever we go, we did the same in Berlin. And enters: Ben Rahim.

Google maps:

The place is tucked into one of the courtyards of Hackesche Höfe. These are a number of connected courtyards definitely worth visiting, filled with shops and places to spend a lot of time.

The place is small and really beautifully designed, it feels sheltered and almost intimate, away from the bustle on the streets of Mitte.

When we visited, they had a Kenyan and a Colombian roast on the menu.

Preparation was spotless. Dripper, carafe and filter were rinsed prior to the brew. The pour was done with a timer and a scale, all great.

The only downside was some ‘teaching’ on the side: we also ordered an Americano, but got a nitro cold brew (without asking or checking). When we did check back, we got lectured extensively that an Americano was not prepared with espresso but IS indeed cold brew. Smart speech, but… not right. NB: barista was different from our pour-over pro.

Besides that little incident we enjoyed the pour-over and the cafe overall, as it is a really chill spot. The Kenyan coffee was beautifully rich in honey and black currant. We would come back – and maybe they just had a rough day.

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