Namura / Harissa هريسة بلفزدق
Namura / Harissa هريسة بلفزدق

Namura / Harissa هريسة بلفزدق

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A juicy sweet semolina cake topped with pistachios, which is traditionally hand made in a lebanese bakery in Berlin. Namura is VEGAN.

1 Box = 4 Namura ( Harissa) 

Ingredients: Semolina, sugar, coconut, water, vegetable oil (sunflower/ rapeseed) wheat flour (type 405), pistachio, sesame paste, lemon juice, baking powder, traces of food coloring from ingredients (pistachios), E104, E 131.

Storagein an airtight container at room temperature, preferably in a shaded space (protected from light). Please do not keep in the fridge. 

Best before date: Please consume within 2 months.

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