Mosaïque Pistachio مشموم فزدق
Mosaïque Pistachio مشموم فزدق

Mosaïque Pistachio مشموم فزدق

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This traditional tiny delicacy is real eye candy. Beautifully assembled one by one, they appear like little traditional tunisian “mechmoum” flowers -the little “mechmoum” flower bouquets are handmade from yasmin flowers and are a classic at tunisian weddings, but they are also sold on the streets.

The Mosaique pistachio is fitted with finely chopped pistachios and the crown is made of precious pine nuts. The nutty flavors are combined with the flowery rose water and marzipan-like taste of the pastries base. The little pieces of art are handmade according to traditional Tunisian recipees.

Because of their delicious taste and exceptional beauty, they make a perfect and rare gift.

1box = 9 pieces

Storagein an airtight container at room temperature, preferably in a shaded space (protected from light). Please do not keep in the fridge. Please handle with care.

Best before date: Please consume within 2 months.

Ingredients: pistachio 48%, sugar 25%, Pine nuts 23%, rose water,

 537 kcal 2246 kJ

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