Sugarless, Milkless*, Cashless, Tipless











It is our mission that we want you to enjoy a pure high quality coffee

experience, that we educate about
coffee and about its delicious tasting notes. Therefore we take a stand and don’t tamper your coffee with sugar.


No Milk*:








in filter coffee and Ibrik: The pursuit of a high quality coffee experience is also the reason that we have decided to serve handbrewed coffee and Ibrik only without milk, because it breaks our hearts when milk is added to a beautiful light roasted filter coffee and ruins all the aroma. Instead, we chose to highlight the tasting notes while serving it only pure as it is.











The resources of our staff are precious. Therefore we chose to only accept
card payment and let our team focus on a great coffee and customer
service experience instead of cash handling.






NO Tipping:

is often seen as a way to help staff in the hospitality industry and also in speciality coffee to top up their wage so they can make a living. It is our mission to promote healthy wages that our staff and generally the staff in the speciality coffee scene can build their lives with and support their families. We would like to see this become a movement across the industry so that one day, tipping would be unnecessary.