coffee at ben rahim, mitte

coffee at ben rahim, mitte

Speaking of things that smell good, that’s exactly how I found my favorite cup of coffee in Berlin. Somewhere in Mitte neighborhood, amongst the bustling streets of posh shops and people spending money on whatever it is we call ‘fashion’ these days, there’s a small side street. Down that street, around a corner, around another corner, and in a little courtyard, there’s Ben Rahim. I’ll admit it, I was completely lost when I found this place, but I simply couldn’t resist the dark, sultry scent of a well brewed coffee.

The owner, a Tunisian by birth and coffee fanatic by life, takes both coffee and ambiance very seriously. The space is warm, decorated with woven rugs and tapestries, soft lighting and cozy tables for anyone who is comfortable touching knees with their companion. The soft, comfortable nature of the space for customers is in stark contrast to the complex gadgetry behind the bar. I’ll spare you the technical lingo, but serving coffee correctly is both a science and an art, and that is clearly understood–and embraced–at Ben Rahim, making it definitely worth a try.


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